Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Introduction To A High

I'm not sweet. Or the sweetest anyways. I'm vein. I'm a good friend. The proof to that would be last year,2010, a girl just moved into town and by beginning of Oct. people started having problems with her. I stuck my neck out for her and lost my reputation. I lost three relationships, almost lost my relationship with my mom, and certainly lost more friends then I ever planned on. But, in the end I didn't give a fuck. Those people I lost want to see others fall a part and crash. This girl needed one friend who she could vent to and look for opinions from. We hung out almost everyday, went to a concert together, and on both our birthdays got Thizz and weed. It was actually an awesome time. But, by December she'd really gone down hill and I had to tell her grandparents and the school what she's been doing. Its because of me shes in a rehab. And she's coming back January 2012. I don't want my reputation to take another dive. If she's the same her I can't be a friend. Its someones else turn to lose someone. I'm high as fuck and always fair. Little whores need to grow up{: